I worked on Facebook's internal AI platform known as UMKA (Universal Media Knowledge Access Platform) which allows people to better understand video content through machine learning models. I also partnered with the AR Studio team in London to work on machine learning tech integration. UMKA and AR Studio were covered in F8—Facebook's Developer Conference during April 2017.



Specific to product features, I designed the flow and interaction of treatment plans for therapists to use with patients, scheduling to develop their practice, booking for patients, and secure messaging.

On the marketing side, I further developed their messaging, ads, collateral and redesigned the marketing site for desktop and mobile web. 



Work in Progress

There are little and big things that we always take away from other industries, our environment, our influencers. Maybe it's learning more about culture through travel, a quote you heard from a stranger,  or even a person's existence that's impacted you to this day.

Inspire is a project I'm working on.

Photo Credit: John Thatcher

Le Tote


As Le Tote’s first designer, I led the product and interaction design of the app, developed wireframes for user flow on different platforms, user research and testing, designed user interface elements for mobile web, desktop experience. I worked closely with another agency to develop the app while maintaining brand consistency. Wearing multiple hats, I also worked on brand development, print, direct mailers, packaging, illustration, emails, and web visuals for marketing purposes.

Note this is not all the work I've done. Majority is bound by an NDA. 

iOS App

Featured in the App Store for 5 weeks in a row in October. Additional screens can be found in pttrns!





Being a part of both the development team and operations in Cloudcade, I worked with the developers and artist to develop the user experience and user interface for the mobile game. I also designed the site to be responsive for desktop, tablet, and mobile web.




A few of the many wireframes for the game.



Known for their navigation and for on-the-go, I worked with an amazing UX team to redesign the Scout iOS7. I primarily focused on designing an extensive and crisp iconography for the mobile app as well as for partners of Scout in mobile, the auto platform, and the mobile app, HopOver.