Le Tote


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Being a part of both the development team and operations in Cloudcade, I worked with the developer and artist to develop the user experience and user interface for the mobile game as the UX Director. I also wore multiple hats in Cloudcade and designed the corporate brand and identity, brand guidelines, iconography, packaging, responsive site for web, mobile, and tablet devices, pitch deck, print pieces, and more.



Using French Paper Company's Poptone Paper, I designed a book for a personal project of mine to communicate the message of not conforming and standing out. The concept for UNIQUIFY was mixing elements of bright colors along with bold fashion imagery. The pages and content are designed in a way that the reader would feel a bit overwhelmed by the splashes of color in each page.


Photographs used in layout design do not belong to me.

Process Work



Maintained the look and feel for over numerous events and experiences throughout print and multimedia to further push the brand. Worked with different subsidiaries under Oracle such as MySQL and JavaOne. Designed collateral for OpenWorld Shanghai 2013 and OpenWorld San Francisco 2013 whilst maintaining consistency to the overall system.